19 Momme Pure Silk Pillowcase - Reduces Wrinkles and Hair Loss

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  White Lotus

The Oxford Style Silk Pillowcase

The luxury Queen sized White Lotus Anti Aging silk pillowcases are essential for anyone who wants to prevent wrinkles while they sleep. The oxford style incorporates charmeuse piping creating a far more luxurious style to the bedroom. This involves using almost twice the silk of a regular case and the look is worth it!

White Lotus first promoted the silk pillowcase as anti aging almost twenty years ago as the go to beauty sleep product that cannot be confused with satin pillowcases. Even if you find yourself tossing and turning at night time this master pillowcase will still benefit your skin and hair.

Why Sleep on Silk?

    • Reduces wrinkles: The Silk pillow case forms a delicate moisture barrier against the skin. The pillowcase ensures the skin's vital moisture does not leech out overnight in the same way it does on cotton pillowcases (1). Silk really is as good as a night cream.
    • Reduces Hair Loss: The mulberry silk pillowcase is also a wonderful addition in hair loss prevention. Silk is so smooth it does not create the friction against the scalp that cotton does. This friction tears our weakened hair while you sleep. Using a high quality silk pillowcase means no more hair on the pillow in the morning!
    • Reduces Frizzy Hair: Silk not only reduces friction which creates frizzy hair the proteins in silk actually adhere to the keratin in hair forming a protective film that keeps hair straight and strong (2).
    • Anti Bacterial & Anti Fungal: Silk can reduce the build up of molds and mildew that can contribute to breathing difficulties (3).
    • Hypoallergenic to Nourish Sensitive Skin: Silk has been used extensively in the alleviation of excema and dermatitis. Silk contains much smoother fibres than cotton and so cause far less irritation to sensitive skin (4,5)

      Known also as an anti wrinkle pillow case they have been used since ancient times in the Far East to reduce wrinkles and prevent hair loss.

      Key Features of the White Lotus Silk Pillowcase

      • Quality: 100% charmeuse mulberry silk which are genuine 19 momme. Many on the market claim to be 22 momme but are in fact 12 momme and fall apart after several weeks. The thread count is vital to the quality and durability of the pillowcase.
      • Luxury: The pillowcases are queen size and employ the charmeuse piping for a luxury appearance because you are worth it!
      • Versatility: They are useful for both anti aging and hair loss and can benefit both men and women. No hand washing is required, they are machine washable up to 30C.
      • Gift Presentation: Delivered in a stylish gift box they make the perfect present for the person who appreciates a adding a touch of luxury to their beauty rituals.
      • Lasts 1 Year:  We stand behind the quality of our pillowcases and have a guarantee to last a year with normal use!

      Ethical Silk Pillowcase UK

      White Lotus use only 'peace' silk which means that the worms are not killed during the harvesting process. They instead go on to become moths, mate lay eggs and begin the sustainable process again.

      Who Are White Lotus?

      “We do one simple thing, for 20 years we have distilled the ancient beauty secrets of the far east to create timeless modern beauty rituals”


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      Silk Pillowcases

      • Available in white or pearl grey or navy blue

      • 100% mulberry silk 19 momme

      • Fits a queen sized 75cm by 50cm pillow

      * Oxford Style

      * Machine washable up to 30 degrees

      *Ethically sourced silk in which the worms are not killed in the harvesting and go on to become moths, mate and renew the cycle

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Mavy M
      Worth it

      My skin and hair look so much better and the case is very lovely on my bed. I love the feel of it on my skin and it is so nice to wake up with my hair looking smooth and unraveled as well as my skin uncreased!

      Spot free

      I am prone to breakouts and read this is anti bacterial, and it has made a massive difference on my skin without doing anything else, great product and looks and feels fantastic.

      They Last Years

      I first brought this in 2014 I believe and it has lasted for years, I always wash them on a cold wash. It has been the best investment and I need to replace them again. I have brought several times in the last decade and consistently sleep with them as I see a continual improvement in skin and hair. I have all 3 colors and they look stunning on the bed and I always sleep better with them. There is no comparison to the amount of silk in this case or quality.

      Oxford Style

      Make sure you look at the photo of the pillowcase on a pillow. It is total class with an inch and a half of silk piping around the edge of the case. Not only do they look gorgeous on your bed but you really will not wake up with lines on your face or hair on this case. This is the second set I have brought in pearl grey this time. They are easy to wash and last for ages.

      Old favourite

      I have been buying these from White Lotus for 10 years now. They really are so lovely and add a real luxury touch to your bedroom. I take them away on holiday and can't live without them. The difference in the hair and skin is so obvious over the years I do look younger. Love the oxford shape and the fact the cases last for years.

      Why choose us?

      The Original Beauty Tool Brand Pioneering Timeless Beauty, Ancient Secrets & Modern Rituals Since 2004

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      What people are saying


      "I absolutely love using my derma roller from White Lotus, it has helped my scarring and it keeps my skin smooth and rejuvenated.”

      Bethan Wright

      "I only trust the white lotus genuine rose quartz crystal to de puff my face - i love the colour & aesthetic and the post application results are incredible”

      Tallia Storm