Tourmaline Crystal Comb - Natural Chemical Free Crystal in Signature Silk Lined Box

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Tired of the monotony and chore of looking after your hair? The White Lotus crystal comb range transforms this into a relaxing ritual, helping you to unwind and take a moment of quiet reflection.

Crystal combs have been used in the Far East for millennium to gently smooth and care for hair rather than simply straightening it. It can also be used on the body to stimulate acupressure points for healtha nd wellbeing.

Tourmaline stone was traditionally used as a crystal of protection and to connect the spirit with the earth. In this way it is a very ‘grounding’ crystal which can help us when life becomes too hectic.

It is also has powerful electrical properties. When rubbed or warmed it develops a negative and a positive end. This makes it ideal for those who wish to add more body and bounce to their hair. For those desiring smoother straighter hair the jade crystal comb or rose quartz comb will be tailored to these needs.

To use the comb we recommend taking 5 minutes to your self, take a few deep breaths and focus quietly on simply stroking the comb gently through your hair or use the comb on the body for a gentle massage. This simple process can turn a common task into a life affirming ritual, allowing you to regain your strength and energy for the busyness of the day.

Key Benefits

  • Smooths and Nourishes Hair and skin
  • Creates a sensuous, life enhancing ritual
  • Grounds and relaxes, negates negative energy
  • Stimulates the scalp and body for better circulation
  • A grade chemical free crystal
Crystal Combs have been used for millennium in the far east. The ancient inhabitants of these lands believed deeply in the energetic properties of different crystals. The crystal combs were used to not only nourish the hair but stimulate the skin to improve the flow of qi (energy) and blood.
All rituals such as this were used to not only enhance beauty but also health which were seen as inseparable.

The White Lotus tourmaline Crystal comb is hand carved from only A grade gem stone quality crystal. The majority of crystal combs on the market are chemically treated. This chemical treatment changes the chemical structure and the very nature of the crystal. Chemically treated or reconstituted crystal should never be used on the skin and sadly it is case of buyer beware as this is never advertised.

All White Lotus Crystal combs are hand carved by artisans. After carving the combs are immediately sealed in a beautiful silk lined box awaiting their new owner. Silk has always been used to store high quality crystals to preserve their energetic properties.

All White Lotus Crystal products come with
    • Unique Lifetime Guarantee
    • Dedicated professional Support
    • Full instructions and support Videos
    • Pure silk lined box for storage
    • 30+ years of professional expertise

Originally designed for prestige spas and clinics the White Lotus Tourmaline Crystal comb is now available to help you create a moment of calm in an otherwise busy day.

All White Lotus Crystal Products come with
  • The unique Lifetime Guarantee with normal use
  • Dedicated Professional Support
  • Silk Lined Box for nurturing the roller between treatments
  • 30+ years for Professional Expertise

Always choose the crystal Comb you are most attracted to. White Lotus offers guidance as to the benefits of different types of crystal. This can help but a well made crystal beauty product will last you a lifetime so it is important to choose one that you will enjoy using for the rest of your life.

Dimensions of the Tourmaline Comb

11cm long 6 wide As this product is hand carved slight variations may occur
Silk Lined Box
19cm 11cm 4.5cm

Customer Reviews

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Black Beauty

This is one of the most remarkable products I have ever brought. I literally cherish it, it is beyond lovely and is just the best to use.

Wonderful Product!

I was a little sceptical when a friend told me about these combs. I went ahead and bought one anyway and have been using it for several weeks now. I have to say I am genuinely surprised and impressed. I hoped it would turn the process into a more relaxing time as the description suggests but was worried it would not do as good a job of getting rid of the knots. Boy was I wrong. It seems to glide through them far better than a traditional comb or brush. I am not sure if this is because of the frictionless nature of the crystal but it really works. I will be sticking with mine and I can recommend this one.

Silky Hair

Works wonderfully on my hair. Really glad I bought it. Had a small hick up with delivery but White Lotus fixed it really quickly.

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"I absolutely love using my derma roller from White Lotus, it has helped my scarring and it keeps my skin smooth and rejuvenated.”

Bethan Wright

"I only trust the white lotus genuine rose quartz crystal to de puff my face - i love the colour & aesthetic and the post application results are incredible”

Tallia Storm