If you are looking to regrow hair or treat scarring, the White Lotus Derma Stamp is an essential beauty tool to have in your routine. It lasts 1 whole year of continued use and has been sold globally for over 15 years by microneedling industry experts

7 products

7 products

White Lotus Derma Stamp is produced from the highest quality micro needles fused into an ergonomic handle for ease of use. It is ideal for small scars and hair loss treatments.

The White Lotus dermastamp or derma stamp is a small hand held micro needling device. The derma stamp is made from 117 high grade stainless steel micro needles attached to a hand held plastic mould. The micro needles are 1.0mm long which is the best length for small scars and hair loss.

The derma stamp has several advantages over the derma roller for specific purposes.

Small Scars – It is ideal for small scars where strong stimulation is required but it is easier not to cover a large area of skin. Examples of this are small facial scars where it is hard to manoeuvre the derma roller and small scars on the hands where the derma roller is more difficult to roll.

Hair Loss – Where longer hair is still growing in the area the roller may become entangled with the remaining hair and hair can actually be torn out in the axel. It is a sad testimony to how little some companies actually use the products that more groups do not warn customers about this risk.

Micro Needling is able to improve the visible appearance of scars by 2 grades. It does this by breaking down old misaligned collagen fibres and creating a completely new collagen matrix below this.

It benefits hair loss by increasing the hair follicle size and strength by regulating the chemical signalling in the scalp. It can also dramatically increase the absorption of any appropriate hair restoration products applied to the scalp.

The derma stamp Specifications

Like all White Lotus skin needling products the dermastamp is produced to the highest specifications available.

These are shown as follows:

• Assembled by machine (not by hand as some cheaper stamps)

• Sold in tamper evident packaging for your piece of mind

• The needles are produced from the highest grade stainless steel to last a year unlike cheaper reproductions.

White Lotus organic serums

These serums have been specifically designed for use with skin needling. They have several advantages over those commonly available on the market.

1. They are all natural organic serums many of which are now soil association approved organic.

2. The ingredients are scientifically proven to aid collagen induction

3. They minimise the side effects from skin needling which are often actually increased by other products on the market.

This is especially important when applying the dermastamp. This is because skin needling can dramatically increase the absorption through the skin. This is very useful to increase the absorption of beneficial products allowing them to target specific tissues.

It can become an issue however where the products applied have a degree of known toxicity. At present many products sold with dermastamps are not considered safe for internal consumption and yet they are sold with no warning. This is despite the fact that they can absorb straight into the blood stream. All White Lotus products are natural, organic and safe for internal consumption.

Organic Green tea oil

The White Lotus serums are produced using organic green tea oil.This is a completely natural product produced from the tea plant. Extracts from the tea plant have been shown to-

• Increase collagen production

• Benefit a variety of signs of aging

• Reduce skin dryness

• Reduce photosensitivity

• Repair skin damage

This allows the serums to not only increase the results produced by the derma stamp but also minimise the main side effects of skin needling which are dry skin and photosensitivity. This makes for an effective and far more user friendly treatment.

The benefits of the derma stamp can easily be seen in derma stamp reviews which the difference before and after derma stamp treatment.


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