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Anthony and Kamila’s Story

Meet The White Lotus founders husband and wife team Anthony and Kamila Kingston

Anthony and Kamila White Lotus

" The far east provides some of the most amazing and inspiring beauty and wellness treatments the world has ever known. Our mission is to apply our unique backgrounds to deliver the genuine and proven cosmetic wisdom to the western world."

Our Story

Husband and wife team Anthony and Kamila Kingston are the founders of White Lotus Anti-Aging. They both hold degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and met whilst studying at university. Anthony also has Masters in Herbal Pharmacology from the university of Sydney.

Following university, they spent several years in Asia studying the application of Asian medicine to cosmetic treatments. They have continued to travel extensively throughout their careers to further enhance their knowledge as well as source natural ingredients for their treatments and products.

On returning to Australia, Anthony and Kamila founded White Lotus Anti-Aging which was the first clinic in Australia specialising in the cosmetic skin needling and anti-aging techniques of the far east.

The White Lotus clinic booked out and ended up appearing three times on National Television for its innovative techniques.

As it became clear that the clinic could not satisfy the growing demand for its services, White Lotus launched a range of products for home use to replicate many of the treatments performed in the clinic. White Lotus today sells crystal beauty tools and well-being products on line for at home use, combining their professional expertise with the ancient wisdom and beauty rituals of the East. White Lotus is now stocked in clinics and retailers around the world.

Anthony and Kamilla still manage all aspects of White Lotus and are recognized as leading experts in their field. They run several educational courses and have written International bestselling books sharing their knowledge with clinicians and therapists worldwide.

White Lotus Philosophy

The White Lotus philosophy is to create natural products from natural ingredients proven by millennium of safe use. In doing so White Lotus acts not only as a manufacturer but also as an educator and conduit for knowledge of many of these anti aging techniques that may otherwise have been lost.

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