Jade Gua Sha - Natural Chemical Free Crystal in a Signature Silk Lined Box

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  White Lotus

If you have not heard of Gua Sha, you really are missing a powerful addition to your beauty regime that we introduced to the world in 2008 from our clinic.

Every once in a while you come across something so totally astonishing that works in ways you might not have previously thought existed.

The White Lotus Gua Sha tool is like that. It hugs the curves of your face and neck making this treatment increase the blood circulation at the same time refining and smoothing your skin; achieving a magnificent natural glow to the complexion.

      Gua Sha research suggests (1) :

        • Gua Sha Treatments may reduce pain in the area treated and in many cases in the surrounding tissue. 
        • Used correctly gua sha may Increase microcirculation in the skin by up to 400%.

            Jade Gua Shas have been used in China for thousands of years by the rich and powerful women of the ancient dynasties.

            In ancient China, Jade was more highly valued than gold. Jade Gua Sha were stored in silk-lined boxes due to their rarity and value. These boxes also protected them and ensured the jade was not subjected to friction which could damage them.

            The founders of White Lotus have trained tens of thousands of therapists in authentic Gua Sha therapy around the world. Their extensive background in Traditional Chinese Medicine lead them to introduce this wonderful technique at their internationally famous clinic 'White Lotus". They pioneered the use of this ancient tool back in 2008 into mainstream beauty rituals, running regular gua sha classes in the clinic for clinicians and home users. Gua Sha is still only starting to be discovered today...

            White Lotus keeps these traditions alive by using only the highest grade jade in its Gua Sha . We ensure they are always stored in silk for the ultimate in protection.

            Although often described as a scraping tool, the Jade Gua Sha is much more than that. Jade was traditionally used on the face to reduce the signs of aging. With a little understanding, it can be used to tone and lift the skin on the face, smooth bags and lines under the eyes, stimulate a variety of acupressure points to improve your appearance, and reduce pain where needed. The sensation is deeply relaxing and makes for an indulgent facial ritual.

            The White Lotus Gua Sha is hand-carved  by and then quality checked for the smoothest possible finish. Each Gua Sha comes in a plastic free storage box with EVA foam, to protect and ensure you of its quality and help the environment. In the unlikely event of a problem, White Lotus stands behind its products with our local friendly and informative English speaking customer service.

            This was the original Gua Sha that we sold and is still the best quality Jade Gua Sha on the market.

            Here are the areas where White Lotus Gua Sha can help you:

            * Circulating - The gentle stroking action may increase blood circulation and stimulates acupressure points even if you have very sensitive skin.

            * Refreshing - Jade stays cool in contact with the skin closing the pores for more attractive skin.

            * Tonifying - Revitalize tired looking skin, reduce sagging, reduce blotches, and refresh the skin below the eyes.

            * Timeless – Gua Sha have been used by glamorous and empowered women for the last 1,000 years up until modern times. It’s been their “secret weapon” to keep their skin young and supple. Use an authentic Gua Sha tool to energise your skin daily.

            * Quality – The White Lotus company uses 100% of the highest grade pure jade crystal in the traditional silk-lined box- has a lifetime guarantee * with normal usage. It contains 30% more crystal than other brands.

            Each product comes with full instructions. You can get further information to help you make the best use of our products on our websites or by our dedicated team via email.

            Originally designed for therapists, this product is strong enough to endure intensive salon use which makes it incredibly long-lasting in the home.

            Made by White Lotus, this product can be used on the face or the body by both therapists and home users who wish to make the most of their skin and their health.

            When you start to use the White Lotus Gua Sha, you’ll find your face, neck and skin becoming smoother and more relaxed. Try it today.

            1. Nielsen A, et al. (2007). The effect of Gua Sha treatment on the microcirculation of surface tissue: a pilot study in healthy subjects. Explore (NY). Sep-Oct;3(5):456-66.

            All White Lotus Crystal Products come with:

            1. The unique Lifetime Guarantee with normal use
            2. Dedicated Professional Support
            3. Silk Lined Box for nurturing the roller between treatments
            4. 30+ years of Professional Expertise
            5. Plastic Free Packaging
            6. 30% more genuine crystal than other brands

            Always choose the crystal Gua Sha you are most attracted to. White Lotus offers guidance as to the benefits of different types of crystal. This can help but a well made crystal beauty product will last you a lifetime so it is important to choose one that you will enjoy using for the rest of your life.

            Dimensions of the Jade Gua Sha

            11cm long 6.5 wide As this product is hand carved slight variations may occur
            Silk Lined Box
 14.5cm 11.5cm 3.5cm

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 6 reviews
            Maria Salvos
            Ethical Jade

            I love the fact that this is ethically sourced and not chemically treated.

            They have gone to so much trouble across the board to be sustainable, love that and the quality is outstanding of the crystal and the packaging. I wanted to buy a gua sha from true experts and these guys have been doing facial gua sha for almost twenty years. I love the authenticity and integrity.

            It is so nice on the skin and I appreciate all the videos and customer support.

            The original

            I first brought a gua sha from White Lotus in 2009. I sadly lost it in a move recently and have just reordered. It is still the best I have ever seen. It is thick to hold, not thin and lacking crystal and is stunning beautiful. It feels cool and refreshing on the skin and my skin looks so lifted after using. I love the fact they source the Jade ethically. Buy from the original and the best!


            It is an amazing gadget. I bought it for my girlfriend and she was very happy on my choice as gift for her. Thanks.

            Great Gift

            I bought it for my girls friend. She is happy so job done. Thanks White Lotus

            Very Happy

            This is a replacement for one I had previously. I love the silk box which my old one did not have. I liked the policy of not using chemicals on the crystal so decided on White Lotus. It was a good decision so far

            Why choose us?

            The Original Beauty Tool Brand Pioneering Timeless Beauty, Ancient Secrets & Modern Rituals Since 2004

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            What people are saying


            "I absolutely love using my derma roller from White Lotus, it has helped my scarring and it keeps my skin smooth and rejuvenated.”

            Bethan Wright

            "I only trust the white lotus genuine rose quartz crystal to de puff my face - i love the colour & aesthetic and the post application results are incredible”

            Tallia Storm